Organisation: CEA

Position: Deputy Director of CEA-List Institute

Dr Valentina Ivanova (F) is chemical engineer from Chemical Technological and Metallurgical University, Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Her research career started in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, where obtained her PhD degree in Physical Chemistry. Later, she was appointed as Senior Scientist at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, at the University of Ulm, Germany and at CEA (Leti and Listv institutes) France. She is recognised scientist in the domain of wide gap semiconductors, optoelectronics and nanostructured solar cells. 

Presently, she is Deputy Director of CEA-List Institute in charge of European affairs and coordinating the project AI-METTERS (AI TEF for Manufacturing). Dr Ivanova published 60 scientific papers, is co-author of 10 patents, and is Fellow of Global School for Advanced Studies..