Mari Walls

Organisation: CSC – IT Center for Science

Position: Director

Dr Mari Walls is Director of CSC – IT Center for Science, a non-profit state enterprise in Finland that provides services for science and society. Mari Walls oversees the strategic development and innovation of CSC’s IT solutions and services, such as high-performance computing, data management, cloud services, and artificial intelligence working closely with key stakeholders such as universities, research institutes, government agencies, companies and cultural organizations. Mari Walls has over two decades of work experience in research and development.

During the past ten years she has hold top leadership positions in academia, universities and research organizations, focusing on change management, research impact and digitalization.

Professor Walls was appointed the first President and CEO of the newly established Tampere University Foundation in 2018. Previous to that the Government of Finland nominated Dr Walls the first Director General of Finnish Natural Resources Institute that was established through a merger in 2015. Dr Walls holds several positions of trust in the European university sector and research and innovation funding organisations.