Justo Hidalgo

Organisation: Adigital

Position: Chief AI Officer

  • Justo Hidalgo (1974) has 25 years of experience in building products and services, with special interest in the advanced use of data, artificial intelligence and behavioral psychology. He is Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Adigital, the Spanish association of the digital economy. Justo is the author of the books “Idea, Product and Business” (2017, Spanish), “Everything Counts” (2020, Spanish), and “In the Mind of the User” (2023, Spanish), a new book on Product, Data and Psychology.

  • He is a professor of Product Strategy and Data topics in postgraduate and executive courses, and also a mentor to startups.

  • Justo has been Global Head of Product at Universia, the largest university network in the world; Founding Partner at Quantified Reading, a reading behavior analytics company; CEO and co-founder of 24symbols, the first global subscription service for ebooks and audiobooks; and VP Product Management and Consulting at Denodo Technologies, the current worldwide leader in Data Virtualization.
  • He holds a PhD in Data Science, a Master’s in Computer Engineering, and has received training in Product Management and Marketing, Behavioral Psychology, Innovation and Creativity.