Gry Hasselbalch

Organisation: InTouchAI.eu

Position: Senior Key Expert AI Ethics

Gry Hasselbalch is an author and scholar with expertise in the fields of data and AI ethics and governance.

She is the Senior Key Expert of the EU’s International Outreach for a Human-Centric Approach to Artificial Intelligence project (InTouchAI.eu, 2021- July 2024) and she was a member of the EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (2018-2020).

She is currently member of the Nordic Ethical AI Expert Group established in 2023 by Nordic Innovation, an organisation under the The Nordic Council of Ministers and The Nordic Council to develop a common vision and roadmap for ethical AI in the Nordic region.

Gry is the Co-founder and Director of academic research of the think tank DataEthics.eu. Her expertise has led to invitations as a speaker at significant global policy events worldwide.

She holds a PhD in data ethics from the University of Copenhagen and has authored several influential books and reports. In her work she advocates a humanistic approach to AI and data.