Christopher Kränzler

Organisation: Lengoo

Position: Co-founder & CEO

  • After finishing his studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Columbia University focusing on Data Science, Christopher returned to Germany to found the AI startup Lengoo in 2016.
  • Lengoo’s enterprise platform for expert AI systems unlocks the potential of language data in enterprises. Their full-stack technology HALOS enables enterprises to build and operate sovereign custom LLMs while adhering with state-of-the-art IT security and IP protection standards.
    For 5+ years, Lengoo has been supporting global industry leaders, hidden champions and scale-ups around the globe in adopting AI securely. With its language intelligence Flow and a powerful API, we empower every office worker with a trusted virtual AI partner making organization more efficient and therewith enabling continued growth. Headquartered in Berlin, Lengoo counts 100+ employees in 6 European countries and has raised €30M+ in venture capital. Christopher holds a seat in the Board of Directors of Bitkom and is an avid speaker on the topics of AI and digitalization.
  • In his free time, you can find him taking his bright red motorbike for a spin.